I am pleased to offer specialised translation service in the following language pairs:





My area of expertise involves translation of the following characteristic: technical, technical and legal, legal and economic or financial, tourist, cultural and related to cultural institutions as well as marketing translation (transcreation) and audio-visual translation.


Technical and legal texts might be:

  • instruction manual, user guide, owner’s manual, etc.
  • technical specifications
  • procedures
  • quality control (QC) charts/sheets
  • technical documentation / technical dossier
  • product fiche
  • information booklets and leaflets, catalogues, etc.
  • certificates, attestations and technical approval cards

and others

Legal,  economic and financial texts, such as:

  • contracts
  • articles
  • payment notice and request for payment


Tourist, cultural or related to cultural institutions texts of any kind.


Moreover, I deal with audio-visual translation, i.e. subtitles translation, creation and time-coding.


I utilise CAT tools and subtitle editing software.




Prices are subject to many factors, such as delivery time and level of specialisation (concentration of specialised terminology and difficulty of the matter). For this reason every work is evaluated individually. The evaluation itself does not involve any additional cost.


I am looking forward to doing business with you.


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